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  • INTEL GROUP LTD was registered as a limited liability company under the applicable Bulgarian law in 1999.
  • INTEL GROUP LTD is a company of consultants specializing in tax, trade and company law and comprehensive accounting service.
  • INTEL GROUP LTD provides efficient, loyal and professional service with attention to detail, ensuring individual approach to each client. In all aspects of our business we are governed by the principles of professional ethics and the confidential nature of our relationship with the client.
  • The package of services we offer is designed for business companies and not-for profit associations registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and foreign companies alike.
  • INTEL GROUP LTD employs qualified experts in economics and law.
  • The good contacts established with our associated partners allow us to operate throughout the nation and abroad.


  • Our prices reflect the conditions of the domestic and international markets; we apply flexible pricing mechanisms when determining the amount of our fees.
  • Our clients are large and medium-sized Bulgarian businesses active in power generation, manufacture of polypropylene goods, chemical goods, manufacture and bottling of mineral water, general insurance, shareholding, casinos, bingo halls and slot machines, telecommunications and software, trade, eateries and entertainment.